The general terms of sale of MeYou Game!

- MeYouGame.com offers on its website available from www.meyougame.com, his designed online games the purchaser can customize.

- Each game offers various customization features posted on the relevant page. Additional customizations and options can be added for some games. In that case, an extra cost is incurred in addition to the standard price of said game.

- Unless the game is acquired "in a professional framework" when ordering, the purchaser may use and share it only for himself, his family and friends, which excludes any commercial use and distribution on another site.

- The purchaser undertakes not to modify or try to corrupt the source code or any other element that makes up the games MeYouGame.com offers, whatever his alleged intentions.

- MeYouGame.com undertakes to provide the purchaser the link to his custom game within 72 hours (working days) after the order to the email address specified during checkout.

- Because of the tight deadlines and considering the purchase of a custom game is a final sale, the purchaser can only use his right to retract within 12 hours after the order. After this period, the order goes into production and cannot be canceled anymore.

- The purchaser is requested to provide the necessary details to ensure that MeYouGame.com can fulfill his order as expected. For any lack of details or in case of missing files when ordering, MeYouGame.com may, depending on the situation, process the order in the way that seems the most logical, or contact the purchaser to ask for additional information; in the latter case, the purchaser understands MeYouGame.com cannot provide any guarantees about the delivery time previously indicated.

- The purchaser undertakes to have full rights over the files he wants MeYouGame.com to integrate into the game. Otherwise, the liability of MeYouGame.com will not be committed, especially for anything related to copyright infringement and image reproduction rights.

- MeYouGame.com cannot be held responsible for any problems related to a non-operating game because of a defective, obsolete or non-appropriate customer's computer hardware. The games MeYouGame.com offer work on any up-to-date browser (Firefox or Chrome, ideally). However, it may happen that changes in some features of the web break the existing scripts: in this situation, MeYouGame.com undertakes to do the necessary changes as soon as possible for all customers, without any additional fees.

- Once MeYouGame.com has processed the order, he stores the produced game on its server and sends the link to the purchaser, so he will be able to play and share it. Download is not possible. The game remains available throughout the life of MeYouGame.com. However, if the last run of the game dates back more than 12 months, it will be automatically deleted.

- For confidentiality reasons, MeYouGame.com does not keep the files the purchaser has sent during the checkout process, once the order is completed.