The frequently asked questions about MeYou Game!

If you don't find the answer to your question here or for any questions about an order, please contact us.

What is this site about?
MeYouGame.com is a website that lets you create your video games. A model we have created works as a starting point, then we add the files you send when ordering. The result is a unique game you can share with whoever you want!

What kind of customization is possible?
It depends on the game but it may be the change of background images displayed in each level, music and sound effects, and even the face of a character to be in the middle of the action! Please visit the page of the game you are interested in to know what are the possible customizations (select a category at the top of the site).

Can I try the games in a demo version?
Of course! To try a game, you just have to go to the relevant page and click on the thumbnail of the game. So you know exactly what you intend to buy and you can get an idea of what your game will look like after customization.

In the game I am interested in, there is a sprite to change. But do I have to edit the picture myself or you take care of doing it yourself from the original photo?
We take care of doing the necessary photo editing, so you don't have to bother to do it. Just ensure to send a large format and good quality photo. If there are several people in the picture, don't forget to tell us the one we have to implement into the game. Furthermore, pay attention to the picture orientation: for example, if you notice the character is from the front in the demo version, don't send a photo of a person in profile!

What are the payment methods available?
We use the Paypal system for order processing. If you have an account on this site, you can use it during checkout; otherwise, you can pay by credit card.

How long should I expect to receive my order?
Within 72 hours (working days) after your order, you will receive a link to the page where your custom game is hosted. Check the email address you have used during checkout to get it.

Can I download the games to my computer?
No, they are only available online. But you can access them at any time, from any web browser.